[Webinar] 3 Steps to Governing Access to All Applications and Data

Data – it’s one of the most valuable assets an organization owns. And, as the amount of data created and stored grows at exponential rates, it poses a significant security and compliance risk if access to it is not managed appropriately.

Organizations cannot protect their data unless they know where it exists, who owns it, who has access to it, and what they’re doing with that access. In a hybrid IT world, where data can reside almost anywhere – on-premises or in the cloud; in applications or in file – traditional approaches to securing access are no longer enough.

In this webinar, you will learn how to protect your sensitive data in three steps:

1. Finding where your sensitive data resides
2. Designing preventive controls for real-time governance
3. Implementing detective controls to cover all your bases

Webinar Details:

Wednesday, September 21
8:00 am PT / 10:00 am CT / 11:00 am ET


Paul Trulove
Vice President, Product Management

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